Monthly Archives: May 2017

Senator Tammy Baldwin is on quite a losing streak with PolitiFact. Baldwin earned several false ratings recently, and if they ever get around to her record on Obamacare, there is “pants on fire” rating waiting to go up in flames.

Remember when being a conservative meant fighting for lower taxes?  Governor Scott Walker still believes that’s what being a conservative is all about, but Republicans in the state legislature seem less certain. On Friday, Walker promised to veto any state budget that

Congressman Ron Kind is doing some impressive projecting with his letter and press release demanding increased transparency at VA hospitals.  We certainly support the notion that veterans seeking care through the VA should be able to see how facilities stack up against

Absent from the Assembly calendar this week is a piece of legislation aimed at reining in the rule making power of unelected bureaucrats.  The bill, known as the REINS Act, would require legislative approval for any new regulation with an estimated

ObamaCare has been a disaster for Americans, but Senator Tammy Baldwin believes that ObamaCare didn’t go far enough.  Baldwin supported ObamaCare but is a longtime proponent of the even more liberal single payer model.   That’s right, Baldwin is among those on the

Transportation and infrastructure spending at the state and federal level has been making headlines for weeks, but the big spenders in Madison and Washington have nothing on the St. Croix County Board.  Later tonight, the board will vote on a