Monthly Archives: September 2017

Thanks to Governor Walker and conservatives in the legislature taxpayers scored several key victories in the ongoing struggle against big government and their special interest allies. Going forward property taxpayers will no longer pay a state portion of their property

Few people have ever heard of the Public Finance Authority (PFA) and that’s by design.  Why? Because the PFA is quasi –public agency that provides high risk, tax-exempt bonding to private entities.  In Wisconsin a handful of counties and one

For many children and families across Wisconsin, today marks the official “first day of school.” While it will be several weeks before these students get their grades, Tammy Baldwin’s report card in Washington, D.C. shows that she has been failing

Never in a million years would most of us think advocating drug testing for all Wisconsinites is good public policy.  That’s a clear violation of people’s rights.  But that’s exactly the position New Richmond Alderman Scottie Ard recently took during