A Rare Opportunity to Cut Red Tape

Published on Thursday, February 11, 2016

While the administrative rule process is unlikely to grab any headlines in the closing weeks of this legislative session, the impact of the constant stream of red tape pouring out of Madison is felt by Wisconsin businesses and consumers every day.  That is why the passage of Assembly Bill 251 stands out as a top priority for Wisconsin families.

In theory, administrative rules are created to help implement the laws passed by the legislature.  In practice, over-eager bureaucrats create rules with unintended consequences that far outweigh any potential benefit.  AB 251 would provide additional layers of public and business input, giving those impacted by potential rules a chance to voice their concerns early and often in the process.

AB 251 would improve transparency and results by:

  • Requiring a public hearing on scope statements for rules
  • Requiring an independent economic impact statement on rules with estimated costs over $10 million
  • Limiting the use of extensions for emergency rules to ensure the public has a chance for input

This is crucial, because we all know that too many bad ideas gain momentum in Madison long before those impacted are even aware of the proposed changes.  At this point, AB 251 has passed out of an Assembly Committee and is available to be scheduled for a floor vote.

To learn more you can read the written testimony from the Assembly Hearing or review the Legislative Council Memo that explains a few of the amendments to the bill.