Art Shrader Panics Over Supporting Gas Tax Hike

Published on Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Assembly candidate Art Shrader is complaining that a mailing sponsored by Wisconsin Alliance for Reform incorrectly lists his wife’s cell phone number instead of his own. But it turns out Shrader has nobody but himself to blame for the mix up.

The mailing, which discusses Shrader’s plan to raise Wisconsin’s gas tax by up to 45%, encourages taxpayers to contact Shrader at the phone number he provided as his own on a legislative constituent survey just last year. When asked for the correct number today, Shrader provided the phone number that was listed for his wife on the same survey.

“It’s unclear whether Shrader and his wife provided the incorrect phone numbers on the 2015 survey or if they subsequently traded phone numbers. What is clear is that Art Shrader would rather hurl false accusations at others than stand by his support for reckless tax policies that would cost hard working families and employers more than $300,000,000,” said Chris Martin, spokesman for Wisconsin Alliance for Reform.

Martin continued, “Art Shrader should rise above his feigned outrage and explain why he wants to force Wisconsin families to pay more every time they fill up their car to get to work.”

View Art Shrader’s candidate survey here. Near the bottom of the document Shrader lists his spouse’s number as well as his own. The Alliance’s mail pieces feature the number he listed as his own.