Gorsuch is finally confirmed

Published on Friday, April 7, 2017

Despite historic levels of partisanship and obstruction, Neil Gorsuch was confirmed as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court earlier today.  On the final vote, three Senate Democrats crossed party lines to support his nomination.  At the same time, Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin maintained rigid loyalty to her party bosses.

Following the cloture vote, Baldwin quickly took to Twitter to capitalize on her opposition by soliciting online signups:

Conspicuously absent from Baldwin’s appeal is any mention of her support for ending the filibuster in 2013.

But Baldwin’s flip flop on the filibuster fits in nicely with her complete hypocrisy throughout Gorsuch’s nomination.  Her views on the Senate’s handling of Supreme Court nominees changed as quickly as the political landscape, earning her a “full flop” rating from Politifact.

Baldwin’s political agenda and her desire to cater to her fringe supporters reveals far more about her politics than it does about Neil Gorsuch or his qualifications to serve on the Supreme Court.