State Capitol

Conservative Leaders Propose State REINS Act to Address Burdensome Regulations

Published on Monday, January 9, 2017

This week, Rep. Adam Neylon and Sen. Devin LeMahieu circulated an updated version of the state REINS Act, a conservative reform that failed to pass last session.

Neylon points out that “Right now, regular citizens and businesses don’t have a proper voice in the rule-making process. This bill adds additional oversight by allowing the legislature to request independent Economic Impact Analyses on agency cost estimates. The REINS Act will hold bureaucrats accountable and improve the regulatory climate in Wisconsin.”

The REINS Act returns power to Wisconsin citizens by requiring the legislature to approve any new regulations that are estimated to have an economic impact of $10 million or more in any biennium. As of now, unelected bureaucrats are stifling business growth with very little oversight.

Business leaders across the state have long pointed to overregulation and a volatile regulatory environment as a major roadblock to success. Quality jobs have been lost without any legislative accountability.

Please contact your legislator today and encourage them to support this important reform by signing on as a co-sponsor today.  Co-sponsorship is open through January 17.