#FeingoldFail: Russ Feingold Voted to Raise Taxes While Protecting His Own Taxpayer-funded Salary

Published on Wednesday, January 13, 2016

In the United States Senate, Russ Feingold championed two of the largest tax increases in American history, voted against implementing a balanced budget amendment multiple times and even voted against an amendment that would have reduced bloated congressional salaries by 15%.[1]

It seems Feingold had no reservations when hiking taxes on hard-working families and small businesses, but drew the line at cutting his own taxpayer-funded salary – which totaled over $130,000 per year at the time.

Following his defeat in 2010, Feingold manipulated his PAC and 501(c)(4), Progressives United, to pay himself $77,000 in salaries and covered the $23,000 rent for his historic Washington, D.C. apartment.[2][3]

Despite collecting six-figure salaries in Congress, tens of thousands of dollars from Progressives United and over $350,000 in teaching salaries and speaking fees, Feingold has often bemoaned the financial sacrifice that comes with public service. This attitude reflects how out of touch Feingold has become with Main Street, Wisconsin. [4][5]

The record is clear: Russ Feingold spent 18 years in Washington pushing a failed liberal agenda that grew the federal government at an alarming rate. As a result, hard-working families and small businesses face higher taxes and crushing regulations – and often struggle to make ends meet.


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