Iran Continues to Humiliate Obama Administration with Ballistic Missile Tests

Published on Friday, March 11, 2016

Five months into the Joint Comprehension Plan of Action – or better known as the Iran Nuclear Deal – the rogue regime has made every effort to expose the weakness of the Obama Administration’s foreign policy. On Wednesday, Iran test fired two more ballistic missiles that were etched with the statement “Israel must be wiped off the earth.”

While this latest aggression may not seem out of the ordinary in a vacuum, it epitomizes Iran’s ability to continue violating terms of the agreement while receiving billions in sanctions relief. It also reveals the Obama Administration’s dangerous naivety – which could enable Iran to equip the missiles with nuclear warheads. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu characterized the agreement as a “historic mistake.”

President Obama’s feckless foreign policy extends far beyond this deal. From drawing imaginary lines in the sand with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to watching Russia invade America’s Baltic allies, the most powerful nation in the world has emboldened its adversaries and surrendered influence at every opportunity.