Largest U.S. Insurer Pulling Out of ObamaCare Exchanges in 2017

Published on Tuesday, April 19, 2016

MADISON – After months of enduring massive financial losses under the ObamaCare marketplaces, the nation’s largest insurer plans to drop out of all but a “hand full” of states in 2017. It is estimated that at least 18,000 Wisconsin families in 56 counties are covered by United Health, and could soon face losing their current insurance policies.

United Health’s exit will also dramatically lower the level of competition in many marketplaces, leaving consumers with fewer choices and higher premiums. A report published by the Department of Health and Human Services estimates that ObamaCare premiums for the benchmark “silver plan” will rise by an average of 7.5% in 2016 alone.

Wisconsin Alliance for Reform Communications Director Chris Martin released the following statement:

“From the very beginning, ObamaCare has been an unmitigated disaster for both Wisconsin taxpayers and healthcare consumers. President Obama and Senator Feingold masterfully painted hard-working families a fairytale picture of lower premiums and expanded options in 2010, but reality has contradicted every one of their dishonest claims.”