Letter to Senate Judiciary Committee

Published on Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Last week we joined elected officials and grassroots groups from eleven states and sent a letter to Senate Judiciary Chair Grassley and Ranking Member Feinstein urging them to confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch.  You can read the full letter below:

March 30, 2017


The Honorable Chuck Grassley
Committee on the Judiciary
United States Senate
135 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

The Honorable Dianne Feinstein
Ranking Member
Committee on the Judiciary United States Senate
331 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

Dear Chairman Grassley and Senator Feinstein,


There is no denying the volatility of America’s political climate. A fractured and divided congress
has sadly given way to partisanship. As a result, it becomes easy to forget that which unites us all:
Democracy. The democratic process was framed specifically to transcend prejudice and political
unrest. As the three branches of government represent a physical embodiment of American
citizens, our legislators are subsequently charged with acting upon the people’s behest. Neither a
pulpit nor an engine for bureaucracy, our government remains rooted to its constituency. To this
end, we urge congress to put aside partisanship and move to confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch to the
Supreme Court.



The aspects we have invoked in calling for his confirmation are reflected in Judge Gorsuch’s highly
impressive judicial record. Known among his peers for his prudence and respect for the law, Judge
Gorsuch has devoted his career to upholding the constitution as it is written. Throughout his
judgeship, he has consistently shelved personal ideology in favor of impartiality and judicial ethics.
Correspondingly, his adherence to our constitution demonstrates an understanding that our
lawmakers’ role is to facilitate the will of the people it is obliged to govern. Today, there is a great
need for such discretion and impartiality in our nation’s highest court. The small business
community, state and local chambers of commerce, local leaders, and American citizens are in need
of a champion. Judge Gorsuch will take on this role with no less zeal than he has in any other
position within the field of law.



Educated at Harvard and Oxford, appointed to the US Court of Appeals in 2006, and mentioned as
one of Mitt Romney’s potential Supreme Court nominees in 2012, Judge Gorsuch has been heralded
as an intellectual and articulate arbiter throughout his lauded career. His written decisions have
been applauded by his colleagues for their eloquence and sincerity. Federal Judge John Kane once
described Judge Gorsuch’s dissents as “instructive rather than vitriolic”—even in dissent, Judge
Gorsuch’s goal remains to inform and improve the judicial system. Such enthusiasm and respect for
the law must not be overlooked; in as highly-visible a venue as the Supreme Court, Judge Gorsuch
will capitalize upon the opportunity to lend wit and civility to national discourse.



If we can agree on nothing else, we must recognize and espouse the democratic process. Our
common ideologies, among them an unwavering commitment to fair and free elections, have
historically united, not divided, our great nation. We cannot neglect these ideologies. Neil Gorsuch
is a highly-qualified, experienced, and fair judge, and his appointment to the Supreme Court will
mark a renewed commitment to our democracy and the citizens it personifies.



Thank you for your time and consideration.






Jeff Wasden, CEO, Colorado Business Roundtable
Jeffrey G Hunt, President, Centennial Institute
Debbie Chaves, President, Colorado Family Alliance
Tony Gagliardi, State Director, NFIB Colorado

Jim Kallinger, President and Chairman, Florida Faith and Freedom Coalition
Regina Brown, Chairman, Transforming Florida
John Giotis, Chairman, Florida Council for Safe Communities
Jim Hart, Chairman, Floridians for Government Accountability

Monica Boyer, President, Indiana Liberty Coalition
Curt Smith, President, Indiana Family Institute
Ryan McCann, Executive Director, Indiana Family Action
Indiana Pastors Alliance, President, Dr. Ron Johnson
Bill Dowden, Legislative Director, Indiana State Rifle and Pistol Association

Michigan Chamber of Commerce
Michigan Farm Bureau
Students for Life of Michigan
Brian Calley, Michigan Lieutenant Governor
Nikki Snyder, Michigan State Board of Education
Linda Lee Tarver, Michigan Civil Rights Commissioner
The Honorable Tom Casperson, Michigan State Senator – District 38
The Honorable Mike Green, Michigan State Senator – District 31
The Honorable Joe Hune, Michigan State Senator – District 22
The Honorable Eric Leutheuser, Michigan State Representative – District 58
The Honorable Dan Lauwers, Michigan State House Majority Leader – District 81
The Honorable Jim Runestad, Michigan State Representative – District 44
The Honorable Brandt Iden, Michigan State Representative – District 61
The Honorable Triston Cole, Michigan State Representative – District 105
The Honorable Mary Whiteford, Michigan State Representative – District 80
Citizens for Traditional Values
The Honorable Tonya Schuitmaker, Michigan Senate President Pro Tempore – District 26
The Honorable Julie Alexander, Michigan State Representative – District 64
The Honorable Mike Kowall, Michigan Senate Majority Floor Leader – District 15
The Honorable Pam Hornberger, Michigan State Representative – District 32
The Honorable Julie Calley, Michigan State Representative – District 87
The Honorable Beau LaFave, Michigan State Representative – District 108
The Honorable Michael Webber, Michigan State Representative – District 45
The Honorable Sue Allor, Michigan State Representative – District 106
The Honorable Joe Graves, Michigan State Representative – District 51
The Honorable Gary Howell, Michigan State Representative – District 82
The Honorable Aaron Miller, Michigan State Representative – District 59
The Honorable Michele Hoitenga – Michigan State Representative – District 102
Leon Drolet, Macomb County Commissioner and Chair of the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance
Sean Bertolino, Williamston Mayor Pro Tem and Children’s Trust Fund Board Member

Joe Ortwerth, Executive Director, Missouri Family Policy Council
Ryan Johnson, President, Missouri Alliance for Freedom
Gregg Keller, Chairman, Missouri Century Foundation
Don Hinkle, Editor, Public Policy Advisor, Missouri Baptist Convention
Bev Ehlen, Executive Director, Concerned Women for America – Missouri
Tim Jones, Former Speaker, Missouri House of Representatives
Jeremy Cady, Executive Director, Americans for Prosperity – Missouri
Carl Bearden, President, United for Missouri
Jane Cunningham, Former Missouri State Senator

The Honorable Jeff Essmann, Montana State Rpresentative, Chairman of the Montana GOP
The Honorable Austin Knudsen, Speaker of the Montana House
The Honorable Scott Sales, President of the Montana Senate
The Honorable Jimmy Patelis, Montana State Representative, Retired Chief U.S Probation Officer
Judge Russell Fagg, State District Court, Montana Right to Life of Montana
The Honorable Ed Buttrey, Montana State Senator
The Honorable Jeff Essmann, Montana State Representative North Dakota
Andy Peterson, President and CEO, Greater North Dakota Chamber
The Honorable Dick Dever, North Dakota State Senator

Mary Taylor, Ohio Lieutenant Governor
Dave Yost, Ohio Auditor of State
Josh Mandel, Ohio Treasurer of State
Mike DeWine, Ohio Attorney General
Jon Husted, Ohio Secretary of State
Mike Gonidakis, President, Ohio Right to Life
Tom Zawistowksi, President, We The People Convention
Ann Becker, Officer, Cincinnati Tea Party
Barbara Burkard, Miami Valley Citizens Informed
Jeff Malek, Founder, Medina County Conservative Coalition
James E. Burkholder, Board Member, Top of Ohio Patriots 9-12
Jim Green, Treasurer, Ohio Liberty Coalition
Cheryl Blakely, Vice President, Ohio Liberty Coalition
Kirsten Hill, President, Ohio Liberty Coalition
Mary Ellen Buechter, Vice President, Miami County Liberty Group
John McAvoy, President, Toledo TEA Party
Jennifer Hiles, President, Hocking Hills TEA Party

George F. Halcovage, Jr., Chairman, Schuylkill County Board of Commissioners
Kim Stolfer, Chairman, Republican Caucus of County Commissioners of Pennsylvania
Joshua Prince, Esq., President, Firearms Owners Against Crime
The Honorable Ryan E. Mackenzie, Chief Counsel, Civil Rights Defense Firm, P.C., Pennsylvania State Representative
The Honorable Carolyn “Bunny” Welsh, Sheriff, Chester County
The Honorable Greg Rothman, Pennsylvania State Representative
The Honorable Susan Helm, Pennsylvania State Representative
James Worthington Jr., Founder, NAC Have A Heart Foundation
The Honorable Daryl Metcalfe Pennsylvania State Representative
David N. Taylor, President, Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association
The Honorable Judy Ward, Pennsylvania State Representative
William J. Higgins, Jr., Bedford County District Attorney
Robert G Loughery, Commissioner, County of Bucks
Doug McLinko, Chairman, Bradford County Board of Commissioners

West Virginia
The Honorable Mac Warner, Secretary of State, West Virginia
The Honorable Mitch Carmichael, Lieutenant Governor and President of the West Virginia State Senate
The Honorable Tim Armstead, Speaker of the West Virginia House of Delegates
The Honorable John F. McCuskey, Former Justice, West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals
Steve Roberts, President, West Virginia Chamber of Commerce
Bill Rainey, President, West Virginia Coal Association
Chris Hamilton, President, West Virginia Business and Industry Council
Bryan Hoylman, President, Association of Builders and Contractors of West Virginia

Independent Business Association of Wisconsin
Wisconsin Carry Inc.
Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty
Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce
Pro-Life Wisconsin
American Majority
Wisconsin Right to Life
Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce
Greater Green Bay Chamber
Wisconsin Independent Businesses
Wisconsin Family Action
Fiscal Watchdogs (Racine TEA Party)
Wisconsin Alliance for Reform