New radio ad applauds Justice Rebecca Bradley’s successful judicial record

Published on Tuesday, February 9, 2016

MADISON – Today Wisconsin Alliance for Reform announced the launch of a new statewide radio ad that applauds Justice Rebecca Bradley for her record of judicial impartiality and her work to improve Wisconsin communities.

Listen to the new ad here.

“A fair and impartial judiciary protects the rights of all Wisconsin citizens. Our courts need to answer to the rule of law, and not special interests. Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley gets it.

She believes the role of the courts is to uphold our laws, not make new ones. Her colleagues call her measured, fair, willing to work with anyone to get a just result. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says her fellow judges applaud her insight, hard work and compassion.

Justice Bradley cares about our community, working to help sexually exploited children and to improve life skills and mentoring of urban youth. The president of the Milwaukee firefighters called Rebecca Bradley a friend of all firefighters, police and protective services. And her record has earned praise from over 100 judges, prosecutors and sheriffs of both parties.

Call Rebecca Bradley at 608-266-1883. Tell her to keep working for a fair and independent judiciary.

Paid for by Wisconsin Alliance for Reform.”

Wisconsin Alliance for Reform Communications Director Chris Martin released the following statement:

“Justice Rebecca Bradley embodies the kind of leadership and courage that Wisconsin expects from members of its Supreme Court. We urge citizens to contact Justice Bradley to thank her for working tirelessly for a fair and impartial judiciary that protects the rights of all Wisconsinites.”