New Radio Ad Highlights Russ Feingold’s Failure to Address Deadly Practices at Tomah V.A.

Published on Monday, January 25, 2016

MADISON– Wisconsin Alliance for Reform launched a new statewide radio ad today that describes Senator Russ Feingold’s failure to address deadly prescription practices at the Tomah V.A. Medical Center. A memo filed in an official police report that warned of the deadly situation was marked as being “hand-delivered” to Feingold five years before a 35-year-old Marine died.

Listen to the new ad here.

“In two thousand nine, Senator Russ Feingold received a hand-delivered report warning that dangerous amounts of narcotics were being prescribed to Veterans at the V.A. Medical Center in Tomah.

The Doctor in charge of the Center was nicknamed the “Candy Man.” In one case he prescribed a thousand narcotic pills for just thirty days.

Senator Russ Feingold failed to act.  The abuse of Veterans continued, and in two thousand fourteen, a thirty-five-year-old Marine died from an overdose of narcotics at the VA Center in Tomah.

An autopsy revealed fourteen different drugs in his system.

Now Russ Feingold is claiming he never received the memo, but documents included in a police report show that the report was hand-delivered to his office.

When our leaders fail to take action, the consequences can be deadly.

To learn more about Russ Feingold’s record, go to Feingold Facts dot com.

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Wisconsin Alliance for Reform Communications Director Chris Martin released the following statement:

“Senator Russ Feingold’s unconscionable lack of action after his office was given a “hand-delivered” memo that specifically outlined deadly prescription practices at the Tomah V.A. must be addressed. Rather than claim ignorance and point fingers, Feingold should come clean to Wisconsin about his office’s botched handling of this tragic situation.”