It’s not for the kids or the teachers

Published on Monday, October 9, 2017

The new state budget allows teachers with three or more years of experience to receive a permanent teacher’s license.  The change will save teachers thousands of dollars throughout their career.  But the state’s largest teachers’ union isn’t cheering.  WEAC opposes the change and their allies in state government like State Superintendent of Schools Tony Evers are siding with the union instead of teachers.


Evers and the unions claim the current system ensures only qualified teachers are in the classroom.  That’s a laudable goal, but the current system students in Wisconsin puts children at risk from teachers facing serious allegations of misconduct as the slow moving bureaucracy of Tony Evers’ Department of Public Instruction grinds on.  And when presented with a clear case of misconduct, Evers failed to remove teachers from the classroom.


Teachers have kept their licenses for years while DPI plods through investigations into their conduct. Once DPI is finished, it doesn’t always bother to notify the national clearinghouse, exposing students in other states to these dangerous teachers.  These teachers pose a far greater threat to students than a teacher who is a few credits short of recertification or has failed to complete his or her personal development program.