The pain of Obamacare: Erin’s story

Published on Tuesday, July 25, 2017

These are the words of Erin, a small business owner from Kenosha, who has lost her doctor and insurance plan as a result of Obamacare. In the last few years she has also seen her out-of-pocket costs increase dramatically.

Erin shared her story last week with Jerry Bader. Sadly, her story is one that is all too familiar.

​As she says,”our family plan went from $900 a month to $1,100 a month and we no longer have it because it was going to $1,500 a month. We try to do good by our employees and pay them well and offer them health insurance because they needed it. The cost for our health insurance and our employees insurance; that affects our bottom line. That affects raises and reinvestment in our business and the rates we can pay back our loans.”

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