President Obama Visits Milwaukee to Survey Damage Caused by ObamaCare

Published on Friday, March 4, 2016

President Barack Obama made a special visit to Milwaukee this week to continue pushing his failed healthcare law on Wisconsin – despite the fact that consumers will see their premiums rise for the most popular plans by double digits this year alone.

But even the presence of overwhelming evidence showcasing ObamaCare’s harmful effects hasn’t stopped Russ Feingold from claiming President Obama will be “One of our greatest Presidents” by the end of his second term.[1] In fact, Feingold said he agreed with Obama over 95 percent of the time – and he acted as the deciding vote on ObamaCare in the Senate.

Beginning with its botched rollout, ObamaCare has proven to be a significant burden on small businesses and consumers by raising taxes and implementing nearly 20,000 pages of new rules and regulations. This comes at a time when thelatest polls reveal most Americans feel ObamaCare has hurt them more than helped them, and when co-ops across the country are collapsing at an alarming rate.

While none of these failures were mentioned by President Obama during his visit, Wisconsinites understand that the reckless big-government policies of Obama and Feingold have resulted in fewer jobs and less opportunity for hard-working taxpayers.


[1] CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight,” 2/20/12