Release: Tammy Baldwin: A Total Eclipse of Common Sense

Published on Monday, August 21, 2017

On Monday, millions of people will witness the Great American Total Solar Eclipse. But you don’t need special viewing glasses to see that Tammy Baldwin’s record in Washington, D.C. amounts to a “Total Eclipse of Common Sense.”

We could list dozens of votes that have us asking ourselves, “what planet does she live on?” but we’ll start with Tammy’s Top Five Examples of A Total Eclipse of Common Sense:


1 – Baldwin voted AGAINST increasing penalties for criminals who kidnap or murder judges.[1]


2 – She voted NO to stricter penalties for illegal immigrants who commit violent crimes, engage in drug trafficking or who had been previously deported for criminal offenses.[2] And Baldwin refused to consider discussion on Kate’s Law, which would increase the maximum prison sentence for illegals who have reentered the country and committed an aggravated assault.[3]


3 – Giving military recruiters the same access as other employers on college campuses? Baldwin keeps voting NO.[4]

4 – She said NO to denying funding to ACORN twice, even after several stories broke raising questions about the integrity of the now defunct scandal plagued organization.[5]


5 – And when does Baldwin vote Yes? To allow lawsuits against fast-food chains for obese kids under 8 when they have an obesity related injury.[6]

Tammy Baldwin’s total eclipse of common sense proves she’s in an orbit all her own.

[1] H.R. 1751, 11/09/05, C.Q. Vote 585, Baldwin Nay, Passed 375-45

[2] H.R. 1270, 05/05/05, C.Q. Vote 165, Baldwin Nay, Passed 266-159

[3] S. 2193, 07/06/16, C.Q. Vote 120, Baldwin voted Nay, Failed 55-42

[4] H. Con. Res. 354, 03/14/06, C.Q. Vote 39, Baldwin Nay, Passed 347-65 and H.R. 1, 05/22/01, C.Q. Vote 133, Baldwin Nay, Passed 366-57

[5] H.R. 3221, 09/17/09, C.Q. Vote 718, Baldwin Nay, Passed 345-75 and H.R. 2017, 06/02/11, C.Q. Vote 397, Baldwin Nay, Passed 251-168

[6] H.R. 554, 10/19/05, C.Q. Vote 530, Baldwin Yea, Failed 129-298.