Russ Feingold’s Dangerous Agenda for Wisconsin Taxpayers

Published on Friday, April 15, 2016

As millions of Wisconsinites complete their 2015 filings by Tax Day, many will likely take pause at the increasing federal tax burden on their families. While government continues to expand, hard-working Wisconsin taxpayers are forced to make ends meet under increasingly difficult circumstances. Senator Russ Feingold served in the U.S. Senate for nearly two decades, and greatly contributed to the problems we see today.

Senator Feingold’s Troubling Record on Taxes

  • In 1992, Feingold was vocal about his opposition to tax relief for the middle class.[1]
  • In 1993, Feingold voted for the omnibus budget bill that raised taxes by $241 billion, which was the largest tax increase in history at that time.[2]
  • In 2010, Feingold was one of 19 Senators that opposed extending all Bush tax cuts.[3]
  • In 2015, Feingold defended his vote for ObamaCare, which the CBO estimates raised taxes by more than $500 billion.[4]

By the end of Senator Feingold’s 18-year Senate tenure, he had voted 278 times for higher taxes – including votes against tax cuts for the middle class. Undeterred by the increasingly dire consequences of his actions, Feingold now hopes to return to Washington to continue pushing a far-left liberal agenda.

Wisconsin taxpayers can’t afford to overlook Senator Feingold’s long record on increasing taxes on hard-working families and small businesses.

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