State Treasurer Matt Adamczyk hopes to abolish office

Published on Friday, March 10, 2017

What a week, we already saw one politician apologize for an error and now State Treasurer Matt Adamczyk is another step closers to eliminating his own job.  In 2014, Adamczyk ran for State Treasurer promising to eliminate the position.  That effort requires a constitutional amendment, a lengthy process that entails both the State Senate and the State Assembly passing identical language in consecutive legislative sessions.  Both the State Senate and the State Assembly passed the measure for the first-time last session.

On Tuesday, the State Senate passed Senate Joint Resolution 3 and the Assembly followed suit on Thursday.  The final step is a state-wide referendum vote which will take place next April.

Adamczyk and his predecessors have been slowly stripped of most of their responsibilities by the legislature, leaving the office a drain on state resources.  While the process to formally eliminate the office continues, Adamczyk hasn’t let that stop him from easing the state’s tax burden.  Shortly after sworn in Adamczyk laid off the other employees of his office, canceled cell phone contracts and returned office equipment.  This sort of diligent concern for the state’s bottom line ought to be more common among our elected officials.