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League of Conservation Voters dress up Senator Baldwin’s record for Halloween   Madison, WI –   The League of Conservation Voters got the Halloween season underway early with their efforts to disguise Senator Tammy Baldwin as a bipartisan politician. ​When it

With open enrollment just around the corner, the state of Wisconsin announced that Obamacare premiums will increase 36% next year.  This increase follows a 93% increase in the four years since Obamacare became law, leaving Wisconsin families with a total

For many children and families across Wisconsin, today marks the official “first day of school.” While it will be several weeks before these students get their grades, Tammy Baldwin’s report card in Washington, D.C. shows that she has been failing

These are the words of Erin, a small business owner from Kenosha, who has lost her doctor and insurance plan as a result of Obamacare. In the last few years she has also seen her out-of-pocket costs increase dramatically. Erin

Too Liberal Tammy By the Numbers​   0 town hall meetings on her calendar, begging the question “Where IS Tammy Baldwin on a healthcare solution?”   10 Tammy Baldwin consistently ranking within the Top Ten most liberal members of congress.     16 times Madison liberal Tammy

Guess what Tammy Baldwin’s weekend response was to the recent news of Anthem’s departure from the Wisconsin individual health insurance market: more ducking, more dodging. Appearing on Upfront with Mike Gousha, Baldwin groused that the Republican proposals don’t do anything to

Senator Tammy Baldwin is on quite a losing streak with PolitiFact. Baldwin earned several false ratings recently, and if they ever get around to her record on Obamacare, there is “pants on fire” rating waiting to go up in flames.

ObamaCare has been a disaster for Americans, but Senator Tammy Baldwin believes that ObamaCare didn’t go far enough.  Baldwin supported ObamaCare but is a longtime proponent of the even more liberal single payer model.   That’s right, Baldwin is among those on the