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Absent from the Assembly calendar this week is a piece of legislation aimed at reining in the rule making power of unelected bureaucrats.  The bill, known as the REINS Act, would require legislative approval for any new regulation with an estimated

It was a good week in Madison for conservative legislation.  Both the REINS Act and the repeal of prevailing wage cleared legislative hurdles and since the full legislature is on the floor during the first two weeks of May, these

The current legislative session has produced hundreds of bills and resolutions in just a few months. If passed, the following proposals will be key victories for Wisconsin conservatives. REINS Act The REINS act mirrors federal legislation by the same name

This week Governor Scott Walker rallied Wisconsin conservatives and infuriated big-government liberals by revealing his 2017-2019 budget priorities. The $76.1 billion budget includes $592 million in tax and fee cuts, a $648.9 million increase in K-12 education funding, $6.1 billion