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League of Conservation Voters dress up Senator Baldwin’s record for Halloween   Madison, WI –   The League of Conservation Voters got the Halloween season underway early with their efforts to disguise Senator Tammy Baldwin as a bipartisan politician. ​When it

Thanks to Governor Walker and conservatives in the legislature taxpayers scored several key victories in the ongoing struggle against big government and their special interest allies. Going forward property taxpayers will no longer pay a state portion of their property

Tammy Baldwin’s vote for Obamacare caused Wisconsin healthcare premiums to skyrocket 93%.  And now, Senator Tammy Baldwin wants you to pay EVEN MORE. This week Baldwin told reporters she’ll likely support extreme liberal Bernie Sander’s socialist single payer health care bill.  His

“Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made.” — Otto Von Bismark. While Republican infighting and the current stalemate in the state budget process is enough to make one “mildly nauseous,” conservatives should take heart.  Two

If you think one liberal Tammy isn’t enough, we’ve got some great news.  This weekend only, Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin will be joined by Senator Tammy Duckworth of Illinois.  They’re coming together to agitate Democratic activists at their state convention

Remember when being a conservative meant fighting for lower taxes?  Governor Scott Walker still believes that’s what being a conservative is all about, but Republicans in the state legislature seem less certain. On Friday, Walker promised to veto any state budget that

Here we go again.   Congress is about to pass another continuing resolution to keep the federal government operating for the next several months.  Why?  Because politicians like Tammy Baldwin have refused to make the tough budgeting decisions her constituents

Another Tax Day has passed and Senator Tammy Baldwin is bemoaning the cost and complexity of filing taxes.  That’s certainly a sentiment we share, but we’re even more concerned about the actual cost of taxes and the complexity of the

The current legislative session has produced hundreds of bills and resolutions in just a few months. If passed, the following proposals will be key victories for Wisconsin conservatives. REINS Act The REINS act mirrors federal legislation by the same name