#TooLiberalTammy: Failing Wisconsinites for Decades

Published on Thursday, July 6, 2017

Too Liberal Tammy By the Numbers


town hall meetings on her calendar, begging the question “Where IS Tammy Baldwin on a healthcare solution?”


10 Tammy Baldwin consistently ranking within the Top Ten most liberal members of congress.



16 times Madison liberal Tammy Baldwin has run for office.



93% increase in healthcare premiums in Wisconsin as a result of Baldwin’s support of Obamacare.


95% the percentage of times Baldwin has voted the same as extreme liberal Elizabeth Warren, who recently called on Baldwin to support her $32 trillion “progressive” government-run healthcare plan.

1986 the year longtime liberal Tammy Baldwin was first elected to office.



14,000 new Wisconsin families who will lose their Anthem healthcare coverage as a result of Baldwin’s Obamacare vote.



37,160 Wisconsin residents who lost their coverage last year while Tammy Baldwin was busy campaigning for Hillary Clinton.